Orange River® is a Canadian Brand known for Stretch Work Clothing.

Orange River® products have a full range of workwear line from top, bottom and accessories.

With every product we develop, we want to have a "Better" insight in it.

Orange River®, Alway Better

Stretch Work Pants with Teflon Finish, Style: Randy; Suggested Retail Price Range: $50.00-$55.00 Stretch Work Carpenter Pants, Style: Leonardo; Suggested Retail Price Range: $45.00-$50.00 Stretch Work Cargo Pant, Style: Goliath; Suggested Retail Price Range: $50.00 - 55.00 Stretch Regular Work Pants, Style: Hercules, Suggested Retail Price Range $42.00-$45.00 Stretch Fleece Lined Work Pants, Style: Louis; Suggested Retail Price Range: $60.00-$65.00

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The True Spandex Core wrapped by spun-yarn achieves our signature Stretch fabric. It gives our products incredible durability and freedom of movement.

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Give us a corner as small as 200 sq feet. We will set up an Orange River Colony for you with our specially selected products plus a social media co-op for your store. Upfront payment is not necessary.  If our products are not selling, we are happy to return them! 

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